Thursday, August 25, 2016

It's Been a While

Playing without a Full Keyboard, oil, 24x18
I finally completed a painting, thanks to a deadline--I had committed to a group exhibit last year and was determined to have at least one new piece.  This has been on my easel for about four years; it's from a photo of me at a piano recital (probably the last time I wore ruffles) and the sculpture watches me from on high when I'm at the kitchen sink.  (He got changed a bit).  I got stuck on this painting because, in its earlier state, the girl in ruffles looked old and I considered leaving her that way because my mother said I was born 50 years old--I thought maybe it was meant to be.  Two weeks ago I sanded the old face off and repainted most of it.  The exhibit was hung yesterday.  This is water soluble oil so it was dry enough to frame.
The last couple of years have not been easy; my husband was very ill and passed away in April.  In July, I had to make the decision to say goodbye to my dog Willie; he had been diagnosed with liver cancer in 2015.
It's been nineteen long months since my last post--I hope to paint and blog more often.  Thank you to my blog friends who've emailed and said you missed my posts.  I've been following your blogs and FB posts.