Thursday, March 22, 2012

iPad Screenshot

iPad Sunrise, in progress
Okay, I'm addicted to my iPad.  I looked at the inktense drawing I made last week (still unfinished) and painted this in SketchBookX, a free app I downloaded this morning.  This is what I worked on during Art at the Y today--I demo'd and said, "No clean up and no odor."  Neither this painting nor my inktense drawing looks like the actual photograph.  SketchBookX is a bit like the Corel Paint programs I've played with for years.  I didn't use layers here and I've never used them in Corel--not that I don't like them, I don't know what the heck they are.  LifeArtist has been working with the iPad for a while--she gives me tips.

This is my first ever screenshot--can't believe it worked.  It took many steps to get this painting posted.  I emailed the screenshot to my verizon account on our HP computer.  It was HUGE and a PNG; I opened it in Corel, made it smaller, converted it to a JPEG, and saved it to Picasa; from there I posted to my blog.  Whew!

I promise not to post every day!  These iPad works really save on storage and framing costs. 
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First iPad Scketch

Elder, iPadding

I ordered my first app--it took a while to find it on my iPad.  Who knew it was hiding on another screen other than home.  I spent two days reading about drawing/painting apps; most had comments about problems running on the New iPad.  I'll be patient, but I just had to try one so I ordered Sketchpad for 99 cents.  With a slider I can "size" my finger, then pick colors from the wheel--that's about it--no blending, no eraser, no zoom, but there is an "undo" button.  This was fun, took about 30 minutes; I've always wanted to be loose with my drawing--this is definitely loose.   
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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tied Up

Tied Up, Ink, 4x3
I've been tied up with things other than art and blogging for a while--back problems, a bit of yard work, made some business cards for a friend, got a hair cut, attended an art show opening, etc., etc.  Tomorrow I will begin gathering papers for taxes.  I will also make time to visit blogs and leave comments.

Sunrise, inktense drawing on w/c paper, 6x6
I did manage to work on this drawing at the Y on Thursday.  I had nothing in mind so my friend Terry Smith Denton offered her photos.  She evidently walks very early--like at dawn--and her farm abuts Corp property and the lake.  This was just a portion of one photo.  I haven't finished my trees and I'm not sure it looks like a lake.  The lake (known by two names--Bugg's Island Lake and Kerr Lake) looks quiet but a 143-pound catfish was caught last year.
The above photos were taken with my New iPad (hard to believe), a belated birthday gift from my husband.  He inadvertently ordered two and I convinced him we needed both--one for him; one for me.  They were delivered by UPS on Friday so I've spent the weekend setting up two iPads. Apple was helpful each time I screwed up.  I've read the manual and know how to use the keyboard now and I've played with the camera and made videos of my dog Willie.  My husband has watched a movie on his--he was aiming for DaVinci Code but accidentally rented The Descendants--for a month. I haven't bought any art apps yet but I've looked.  Any recommendations?
Here are a couple of self-portraits using the iPad.        
iPad Photo Booth--Thermal photo

iPad Photo Booth--Mirror photo (my favorite) 
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Fortune Teller

Sister SoLean, w/c on arches, 14x10
I went to Sister SoLean
Who sat against the wall 
Her table was tilted
Her hand covered the ball 
And I saw what she saw
Lillies--yellow and bold 
"The future's iffy" she said
"You've reached the age OLD" 
I put down my dollar
and jumped out of her trailor

Then went to the Pub
and danced with a sailor.
Today I am 70.  I thought I'd be depressed.  I'm not--I am just as semi-sane as I was yesterday; nothing changed.  I will admit to eating just Mrs. Smith's Blackberry Cobbler for dinner.
I've been playing with this watercolor for some time because I couldn't spend quality time in my workshop.  I was undecided--paint the faded Good Will photo of a tiny lady or paint my photo of a yellow lily on a blue bowl.  I chose both and tried everything you shouldn't try with watercolor.  Then I needed a story.
My husband's having out-patient back surgery on Monday so I may be "on-call" for a while. 

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