Friday, April 26, 2013


Shorthand, iPad painting
I've always loved the symbols for shorthand--a secret way of writing--so I bought a small Gregg Shorthand Manual at the thrift shop.  I intended to draw in it.  I couldn't bring myself to mess up the pages (I have the same hesitancy with my neat sketchbooks--they're still pristine).
Instead, I used the kaleidoscope photobooth of my iPad to photograph a page; then added a layer with a painting. This was done in the Sketchbook app.   I like the "transform" feature; I can move and resize the painting--no symbol poking her in the ear.  I don't know the secretary in the above painting but I suspect she was influenced by my Sunday-night TV shows.  I watch Call the Midwife (the clothing), The Good Wife, and Mad Men (the chair).  Then I watch Mr. Selfridge on my PBS app (the women have this hairstyle).  Who programs all the good shows for the same night?
I remember my days as a secretary--shorthand got me from the country to the big city of Washington, D.C.--working for the Federal Government, wearing hose that never matched my pale legs, and walking (even dancing The Twist) in HIGH HEELS.  I loved it.  In the photo above, my boss was away so I took over his desk at U.S. Department of Commerce--I was 19.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Painting with Purpose

I have been painting.  I'm 99 percent finished with a painting a friend is buying as a surprise gift.  I've always said no to commission work so this is a new experience for me, and I find it nerve-wracking.  I can't post the painting yet so I used the iPad PhotoBooth Kaleidoscope to take this photo of a part of it.  I liked this photo so much I took more photos--in the studio; then in the house.
My water bottle and Blue Man painting. 

A carved plaster sculpture from years ago, yellow ducks, and radio. 

The shadow of my two-headed dog.
He also has two tails!
Makes me wonder why I paint--I could just walk around taking kaleidoscope photos of everything.  (I get distracted--too much arting around.)
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