Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day After

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the town
gifts were being returned and prices marked down.
Not interested in shopping, I took a walk by the lake
and there I spied Santa--he was taking a short break.
He still wore his hat but had ditched that red suit.
I waved and he nodded, then off he did scoot.
After a sleepover in Clarksville, he's off to The Pole.
In a year he'll be back and gifts he will dole.
     (If you're good!)
  - - - -

It's been a rough year. First I had a problem with neuropathy--burning legs, elbow pain, numbness, even pain in the eyeballs. I'm not diabetic; I learned that it was caused by a prescription--statins--which I'd been taking for years. I stopped taking them and the burning/pain/cramping stopped; I felt great for a few weeks in July--so good that I moved the summer furniture from the workshop back porch to the deck. That's when the tick must have latched onto the back of my knee. In August I was diagnosed with Lyme's disease. I finished four months of antibiotics a few weeks ago and felt like myself again. Two weeks later our dog Willie began limping. He came home Monday after surgery on his OTHER knee and bladder surgery for stones. What a year--a lost year.

  Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And here's to a Happy 2015!