Monday, April 26, 2010

Woman in a Rain Bonnet

Woman in a Rain Bonnet, acrylic, 14x11

I found a rain bonnet, wore it, and looked in the mirror while completing this painting. My hair now seems to be permanently pleated.

See previous blog entry for background on this painting.

Monday, April 19, 2010

To Bonnet or Not to Bonnet

Woman in a Rain Bonnet?, acrylic, 14x11

At Easter time I thought not of Easter bonnets, but of the rain bonnets my mother wore to preserve her hairstyle. There are few photographs of my parents from the 50's and 60's so I just began with a face. My mother always held her chin high, I added her (& my) nose with a bump and our thin lips. I chose reddish brown hair instead of Mom's light brown (more contrast with the background) and no real style because it would be covered, and eliminated her glasses. I thought she should be standing on my porch-- not in the rain--but I didn't like the jigsaw cornice of my porch. I rode around town; each Queen Anne has its own hand-jigsaw work. I found the right shape, asked for permission to photograph it--then decided the cornice should match the scarf and not be so intricate. Thank you, nice family on 8th Street.

Now the rain bonnet is a problem--I haven't been successful at finding the cheap plastic folded type. I did find an image on Google--Queen Elizabeth wearing one. I like the painting as is but without the rain bonnet my concept disappears. Who would have thought that Dollar General would have $1-rain ponchos but no rain bonnets.

I felt the suit should be a primary color and Mom didn't wear yellow, and little red. I realized today that this blue suit is actually what I wore to court in D.C. 47 years ago when my husband and I were married at 9 a.m. on a payday. If I give this woman bright red hair teased into a French twist and freckles, this could pass for my wedding portrait.

With a rain bonnet it will be my mother saying, "Robert, I am not going out in this rain." Maybe I should add that five-dead-mink scarf (we lifted the tails and made rude noises in church).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brain Birds

Brain Birds, walnut ink on w/c paper, 24x18

I arted around at the YMCA with my group today (one other person) using my new walnut ink and walnut stick--no reference photos or planning. After finishing the large bird I walked outside and looked for a bird in flight; instead, I saw wires and utility poles. Making things up and drawing like a first-grader are spirit-lifting--I do it often but don't always share.

Ruffle Crow and I wish you a Happy Easter or Happy Passover.