Friday, September 24, 2010

Peopling Catalogs

I have been working hard getting ready for the exhibit but I get distracted--and tiredness begets silliness (which I love).  Along with frames, I ordered some acrylic inks.  I really wanted to play with the ink in those cute bottles--there was a Pottery Barn catalog nearby, and an ashtray with butts.  These are pages from the catalog, the blue ink, used cigarette filters, and an ink pen.  Recycling?  Yes.  And no clean-up!

These are some of the pages--I omitted the pole-dancing (actually, beam-dancing) woman.  I'm not sure using a catalog in this way is okay but it has my name on it (and I like their products).  I'll call this "The Blue  Women of (my town)" or "While You were Away."  DWR, Frontgate--I get all the catalogs.

Hmmm...........homemade recycled Holiday gifts for friends; everyone gets a catalog with surprise pages.

I don't know which I like best; I feel like the woman at the top.  Now it's back to work, playtime is over.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

If I Disappear for a While.........

Workshop/Studio--September 2010

If I disappear for a while, I can probably be found in the chaos of my workshop. I'm doing that last ten percent of work on several paintings because I will be exhibiting new works at MacCallum More Museum & Gardens beginning October 1. The exhibit will include works by sculptor Terry O'Hose; meet-the-artists reception will be Saturday October 9, 7 to 9 p.m.

Some pieces are out being matted and framed; some pieces need varnish (that's done on the back porch of the workshop); some pieces will be framed by me when the frames arrive on Tuesday (that's done on the guest house floor).

Also, workers will arrive Monday to paint our tin roof and power wash our house, guest house, and workshop. I'll need to be careful walking in and out of doors.

I was invited to exhibit paintings at the Arnold Library in South Hill VA; older works have hung there since September 1.

On October 2--after the Library exhibit is dismantled and the MacCallum More exhibit is hung--I might have a straight shot of Jack Daniels or Maker's Mark.

I no longer dream of being organized; the last-minute method somehow works for me.