Friday, June 24, 2011

Sidetracked by a Dumpster Dog

Dumpster Dog, 3x3 sketch on lined paper
A few people (thanks, Celeste) have asked why there has been no new post in a month.  I had planned to finish the painting April when my guests left.  I tried, but my heart was sidetracked when I saw a skinny dog lying in the shade of a dumpster as I was rushing to a routine doctor's visit.  He wasn't there when I returned with some food and water.  I'd like to think that he lived in the neighborhood and strolled down to check out the dumpster, but I know that uncaring people sometimes dump their dogs.  The picture stuck and I've probably made about 20 small sketches.  The one above was done with markers that were handy--lime green, yellow, orange & bue, a ball point pen, and a sea green pencil.   

I remember the scene, but drawing the dog from memory isn't easy.  I made the mistake of googling images of stray dogs.  Don't go there; I had to stop--then I couldn't sleep.

I sometimes wish I didn't see so much--rose-colored glasses would be nice.  And, yes, I might have to paint this, though I can't imagine anyone hanging it on their wall.

Now I'm hoping to get back to April.