Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pest Control

Pest Control, size variable, iPad screenshot
Another summer, more bug spray.  My husband has armed himself, and all the bugs who wander onto our front porch get zapped--he thinks there are no good bugs.  I worry about the birds.   I'm a bug-rescuer; if I find one inside, I carefully take it outside to freedom.  Now I wonder if I'm sending them to the great beyond--I'll have to take them out the back door.
This is not a portrait of my husband; I don't know who it might be--looks a bit like a man I worked with many years ago.  I wanted to check out skin tones and figure painting on my iPad.  Now I need to learn how to move the painting from the iPad to my computer without including the little circle that's part of the screenshot from Sketchbook (and you probably thought it was a bugbite).

**Afterthought.  If I downsize the drawing on the iPad with my fingers, I can eliminate the little circle.  Aha!

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Like Passing Notes in High School

While waiting for the clothes dryer to beep, I practiced using my stylus on the iPad.  I sat on my Hans Wegner chair at the dining table and drew my Siesta chair from the 70s (an agility test in my living room).  My iPad beeped--there was an email from my brother about a "Modernism" auction in Charlottesville VA on Saturday.  Perfect timing.  This was my response, the modern method of passing notes.  Love it.  I know, I know--I'm having too much fun.
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hitting the Bottle after Taxes

Bottle, iPad painting using SketchbookX
This bottle was excavated from my back yard; I've always loved the colors which can only been seen from a certain angle.  It's sitting on my kitchen desk/bar--a Danish piece bought in the early seventies (saw it on HGTV once and it was called "vintage").  The grain of the walnut is beautiful--I see cathedrals in it.  This painting was done with my fingers in the free version of Sketchbook and still needs a bit of work; I now have a stylus, like this app, and will upgrade to the Sketchbook Pro.
I am still enjoying my iPad.  My friend, whose enthusiam for his iPhone convinced me to order an iPad, passed away Sunday; he had helped me with setup, and his name was the first contact on my iPad.  He was in ICU for about a week.  Since he had his iPhone, I emailed a simple drawing to him each night (some are below).  He was a joy to know--an actor, a painter, a sculptor, a musician, a singer, a world-traveler.  He leaves a hole in many lives.
A hell of a couple of weeks--death and taxes--and the bottle is empty.    
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