Friday, October 22, 2010

"Quick Draw" in Halifax VA

Untitled, acrylic on panel, 14x11

I know--my paintings always have titles (this looks a bit like Boy George or the redhead from Mad Men).  Those curlicues are part of the easel.

I'm a member of the Convergence Art Guild in Halifax VA.  On Thursday evening, the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and guests converged on the Guild and I was one of, I believe, ten artists who agreed to paint or draw something in just one hour; followed by a silent auction with proceeds going to the Guild.  During my 25-mile drive to the Guild I made the decision of what to paint--on Sunday I had seen a large floor model bullet-shaped chrome hair dryer at an estate sale; probably a 1950's model.  I didn't buy it ($50), I didn't photograph it, and I couldn't find it on Google--I remembered the shape and "Hoover."  Members and guests of the Chamber thought I might be painting the Pope (I thought of Sir Frances Bacon; others thought it might be a Bishop).  At 7 p.m. I signed the painting--larger than normal--and thought I'd be bringing it home where I'd follow Celeste Bergin's example--I'd sand it off and repaint. 

Wrong!  All the paintings sold.  The owner of this one is the Town Manager of Halifax, Carl Espy--young and handsome.  I was okay with the sale during most of my drive home.  Then it hit me--do I really want people to see this?  Can I ask Mr. Espy to attach a note to the painting explaining that it was done in one hour?  I think I have a plan.  There is a group show coming up next month.  I like the concept of this painting; with no audience and a bit more time I can paint a better version. And, with a bit more money, Mr. Espy can trade in this version for a new improved model!

It was an enjoyable evening.  The other artists produced good work; they were:  Don Bagwell, Peggy Blount, Maxine Dunninger, Dianne Hills, Nelly Z. Jones, Ron Miller, Rebecca Rodgers, Steve Schopen (who finished two), and I'm missing a name.  Had I been smart I would have gotten a bidder's number and brought some of those pieces home to Clarksville; I'm not sure that was allowed.  (I have photos of the other works but failed to get permission to include them on my blog.)

Oct 23.  I just received a compliment on my "Vacuum Pope."  (Maybe a title?)

Friday, October 15, 2010

Drawing What I See

The Only Way Out is Down 
acrylic ink, mixed media on Carte d'Art, 9x12

Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I see a image......a tv screen......a slide show.  I can recall the image(s) by closing my eyes again (I've done this my whole life).  These images appear with no accompanying thoughts.  I do think about them afterwards.  This one appeared several days ago and I decided to copy it onto paper (an aerial view).  I don't feel stuck; I'm not depressed; I don't think I'm seeing the future, or the past, or the now.

Does anyone else get this channel?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Meet-the-artists Reception October 9, 2010

6:55--We're ready.  Me, my brother Bob, my sister-in-law Mary
Margie and Terry McHose (sculptor)

Food and Wine
Carolyn and one of her arrangements

People showed up.

Some of us played.

My across-the-street neighbor, Larry, thinks his house should have been included in this painting.  Is it under the mat?
The bouncer kept everything in check.  (Watcher Woman is standing in the front yard of his childhood home.)

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this a great evening--even the weather was perfect.  My brother Bob and my sister-in-law Mary (former owners of a gallery in Pasadena) brought a bit of California to SOVA--a great combination. Yall should have been here.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Showtime at MacCallum More Museum & Gardens

These photos were taken Wednesday when hanging was almost, but not quite, finished.   My sister-in-law helped me hang the show--she has a great eye and we work well together.  The exhibit opened yesterday--I didn't need a straight shot of Jack Daniels.  I celebrated with an old people's happy hour--a nap.  When I looked at my fifteen paintings hanging on the walls, I thought, "It looks like a group show!"   The wonderful wood pieces are by sculptor Terry McHose. 

I sold several paintings before the show opened and the meet-the-artists reception is next Saturday, the 9th.

The guest books from the last two shows were used as a mailing list (along with the museum's list).  Unfortunately, lots of guests didn't leave their addresses--just their names--and many people have P.O. boxes, so I'm taking a cue from the book, Freakonomics, and its discussion of incentives.  I framed the small watercolor "What Chicken?," and it will be a giveaway--place name & address in a vase; I will mail the work to the winner of the drawing.  I'll let you know how that works.

I included the painting below, "1963," in the exhibit only after she had a purpose.  She was propped against the wall for several months while I wondered why I had spent time on it.  I added a plastic cape--she's being groomed for all the careers open to women in the early 60s.  It will give viewers something to discuss (after they've discussed "He Beat His Mules"  which was retitled "The Spell").