Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another Gouache

August on Buggs Island, gouache on Arches, 12x12

Another Thursday, another gouache from a photo taken several years ago.  I now have a folder on my iPad, "Painting Subject," and this photo was among them--a guest who was working on his tan.  He'd make a great model but he lives about 400 miles away.  I like people of substance; maybe I'll try this in oil.

Friends and family don't usually look at my blog; he would recognize his bracelet.

I posted this earlier but the photo did not display--maybe Google thinks it's a nude.  It's a puzzle to me, but I'm trying again.
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Friday, June 14, 2013


Mockingbird, gouache on Arches, 14x11
Oh My Gouache!  Two paintings in one week; definitely a record for me. 
At the Y yesterday, I painted this from one of my photos stored on the iPad.  When I sat on the front porch several years ago I was constantly eye-balled by a young mockingbird couple; one had a single feather always out of place.  Is this the evil eye?   Purple and yellow?  Why not play with all my colors? 
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Arting around the May Pole

MRI Waiting Room, Gouache and Black China Marker on Arches, 18x12
Remember those May Pole dances?  Going in circles and weaving in and out--that's what I did during May.  I decided I must finish something so, on Thursday, I used gouache and a china marker, and painted this quickly from a photo taken in a waiting room during January (I accompanied a friend).  I don't know who this is but I liked the newspaper and the cap.  I sneaked a photo with my iPad and used it as a guide; I don't think anyone will recognize him (unless the foot cast is an identifier).
Rose drawing, on back of envelope
On May 8, I cut the first rose from the front yard and drew it on the back of an envelope.  I liked it so..
Rose with Paul's Ashtray , colorsoft pencils on pastel board, 10x8
I began drawing it with colorsoft pencils, after I found my hand-embroidered napkins--no roses so I went with violets.  I stood to look at the arrangement; then sat to draw--exercise.  Unable to decide what to do with the background I took a photo of the drawing and...
Rose with Planets Aligned, iPad painting
played around on the iPad.  I have five different versions now but have never finished the colorsoft drawing! 
Snake by my front step, photo
Then there was the snake...      There is a crack in my walkway beside my front step.  I haven't had it repaired because the skinks (blue-tailed lizards) live down there, and I like watching them.  Maybe I should say they lived down there.  My dog Willie had been sniffing the hole; then my husband asked, "Is that a lizard?"  "Well, no."  I put Willie in the house, sent my husband inside, and I sat on the porch for quite a while waiting with my camera.   

Snake Departing, photo
Later, my neighbor called to say she had seen a snake in her house.  Willie and I (SnakeBusters) visited but didn't find anything--it was only a black snake and I'm sure he's long gone. 
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