Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Goodbye 2011, created in Corel Draw

When I dragged the trash to the curb last night it was cold.  I wore two coats, gloves, and a hat.  Willie always insists on helping and then he insists on a walk.  After the cold walk, I came inside and ordered a long brown down coat.  Then I imagined how I'll look on trash-to-the-curb nights as I played with Corel Draw (that's a plastic bag for poop in the pocket).  Hopefully, hunters will not mistake me for a bear.  I, of course, remember the Seinfeld episode when George wore his huge gore-tex coat.

Labeling the trash can 2011 is today's afterthought and seemed appropriate.

Happy New Year.

I don't make resolutions.
 I hope to play and laugh more in 2012.
What about you?
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inspiration for a Painting

On Watch for Rustlers, gouache & wc on arches, 14x17

First drawing

Inspired by:

My Egypt by Charles Demuth (Whitney Museum)
I was perusing THE 20TH CENTURY ART BOOK when I saw this painting by Demuth.  I didn't see a building; I saw boots and cowboy hat.  I closed the book and made a quick sketch on green card stock--a cowboy and his dog/horse.  Later I read that cattle rustling was on the rise in the West; I took that as a sign I should make a painting, and this one was pure fun--watercolor background and first time using gouache for the figure.

The gun (probably an over-and-under) was an afterthought; I thought the painting needed a vertical.  Later when I looked at Demuth's painting I noticed the smokestack--it was probably buried in my subconscious.  Wonder what else is there?

I always like my first childlike drawings.  I added the grid later just to check placement--I believe that we have an innate sense of where things should be placed and can hit the marks without aiming.     Posted by Picasa