Sunday, November 22, 2009


Dying Lucky Bamboo, Inktense pencils on w/c paper, 12x9
This was my first attempt at Kathy's 20-minute challenge. My usual method of painting or drawing is to work for 10 minutes, then ponder for 30. Why I thought I could record this scene with speed (not in my DNA) is a mystery. My timer ticked annoyingly and I couldn't read the names of colors on the pencils--all the leads looked alike. When the buzzer sounded, not much was done so I continued--for at least another 60 minutes. (A friend gave me the vase with three bamboo stalks five years ago. In Feng Sui, 3 is for happiness--one died two years ago; 2 is for love & marriage--I'll wait and see; and 1 has no meaning listed.)

Pears on a copper plate, pastel pencils on w/c paper, 9x12
This was last night's attempt at the 20-minute challenge. Now experienced, I limited myself to five items--three pears, a copper plate, and a woven leather place mat; I set them under a single overhead light and chose conte pastel pencils because the colors are easy to identify. Using the microwave timer (no ticking) very little was recognizable at 20 minutes. I kept going--for a total of 45 minutes, even with the elimination of the place mat!
I will try the challenge again and I almost have a plan: I'll stick with the pastel pencils and tackle maybe one lemon on a white paper plate (no reflections). Speedy is not my nickname but this is fun.


  1. Nice works, and yes, it is hard to stop. Media does make a difference, light too :)
    I'm using paint, it makes the 20 min challenge experience more satisfactory! It is fun though isnt it...

  2. I admire your taking up the challenge. I am wimping out of it big time. I get all stressed out when I time myself. I like the fact your are making up your own time rules! the colours in the pears and plate are very rich.

  3. Indigomar--thank you. Have you posted one on Kathy's site yet? I try to keep my paints out of the house and I don't turn the heat on in the workshop unless I'll be there for at least half a day. I keep some pastels and drawing supplies etc. upstairs--occasionally step on one.

    Margaret--I'm a bit old to worry about rules. I do really, really try to get something recognizable in 20 minutes--if I don't, I just keep going because I enjoy the work. Speed is a challenge for me but, one day, I'll be able to honestly post on the 20-minute site (maybe I can draw that stressful timer--it looks like a measuring tape and was a gift from my daughter. Not only does it tick; I can see that my time is getting shorter).

  4. You go, girl! You reduced your time significantly between the two. 20 minutes is just around the corner. Kudos for going for it. I've been watching everybody's progress with interest, but have not taken up the challenge... yet... we'll see.

    Nice job on both pieces. I especially like the perspective and color on the bamboo piece.


  5. Thanks Don. I expect you will take up the challenge and post a great one.