Friday, November 6, 2009

The Drawing Room

Drawing with a No. 2 pencil is one of my favorite things. Supplies are stashed everyplace--even in my tiny bathroom tucked under the eaves. A small desk was a perfect fit in the strange corner under the low ceiling (HGTV designers haven't thought of this yet). The post-its? Left: "bathroom art." Right: web addresses for Holbein, RI School of Design, a street address for Good Will in Danville, the name of a woman who makes good pies, and one written in invisible ink. I consider the upstairs loft truly "a room of my own."

I have been following Van Gogh's blog; a wonderful site that contains his letters and drawings. His Bedroom paintings, with the strange corners and slightly skewed furniture, have always made me smile. We should enjoy our surroundings and be grateful.


  1. I think sketching is essential to painting and sculpting, and your dedication to it is wonderful! I'll take a look at the Van Gogh site. He's one of my favorites and I've read so many books about him. A tortured soul.

  2. I don't remember being without a pencil, Kathy. When I was very young, I stood on a kitchen chair each night and covered the linoleum table with drawings while my mother made supper (I don't think she really wanted my help with cooking). I never learned biscuit-making and all my early masterpieces were washed away.

  3. I couldn't get any of those web addresses to work for me from your sketch. I was looking for a woman who makes great pies. Oh well, I'll just have to enjoy the great drawings instead.

    I LOVED your funny comment on David's last short-story. I couldn't have put it better myself... See you in church.


  4. Don, the websites were: (shopping at R.I. School of Design) and Years ago, I enrolled in a great workshop with Caroline Jasper ( and Holbein gray scales were given to each student. Mine was missing when I returned to my hotel room (I suspect the classmate next to me mistakenly picked it up). I've never found a replacement. You don't need the pie-lady's name; the post-its are old but if I take them down I might have to wash the wall!

    I sit on the edge of my chair when I read David's short stories. Lots of talent in your family.

  5. I was just teasing about reading the links, but I'm so glad you sent them to me (and you're right, I don't need any pie). I especially enjoyed Caroline Jasper's work. Her site is now in my bookmarks list. BTW, I noticed that in a photo of her she is actually wearing a Holbein's apron.

    Thanks for the great compliment. I'll pass it along to David. -Don