Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Basketful of Harmonicas

When we bought this property, the previous owner told us about hearing a harmonica-playing ghost. I have learned that, years ago, a young man did indeed live next door and he played the harmonica. I grew up in this area and give credence to stories of people who could cast spells and I keep an eye out for ghosts. (Parents might have used these stories to keep children in line.)
I like to tell my out-of-town guests about the harmonica-playing ghost. My plan--when I bought these--was to tell the story, then stand outside the guest house in the middle of the night and play the harmonica. I have never done it; I don't want to be the cause of heart attacks.
I will keep three of these--I'll put them in the storage shed with the banjo-ukulele and the bongo drum. The rest of the "collection" will be donated. (The keyboard and music book in the workshop will stay; occasionally, I check my memory by reading music.)

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