Friday, July 1, 2011

Cedar at Cedar Grove Plantation

What a Cedar!, w/c sticks on w/c board, 24x18
I began this yesterday, thinking that it would be simple and I'd finish at least one thing during the month of June.  It didn't happen--at midnight I realized there were too many background trees and branches so I'm calling it finished on July 1.

Cedar Grove Plantation (on the National Register of Historic Places) is nearby.  When I visited I found the trees and the cemetery more interesting than the large house, guest cottages, barns, landscaping, and antiques.  I could be called a tree hugger.   "Peace," also a scene from Cedar Grove, is from an earlier blog. 

Peace, alkyd, 12x12 (sold)
Happy Fourth of July!


  1. I like the new and I like the old. Unfinished or finished, art's art. It is, after all, in the making.
    Happy Fourth to you, too!

  2. I love the way you have painted trees. I never think of myself as a tree hugger, but I am in love with trees and their organic, human like shapes.

  3. Hi SamArtDog. You're right--the fun is in the process. If I didn't blog or have an occasional art show, I might never finish anything.

    Hi Robin. I like trees and admire the way they live quietly and need little. I've read, too, that they may be souls resting between lives. Maybe humans have organic tree-like shapes?

  4. Trees need huggers. Happy Canada Day to you!

  5. Hallie these are both very nice, the first one is very fresh , and you can tell it is WC, but the second one I thought was maybe painted with pastels/acrylics, it is so gorgeous.... all the textures in the trees and on the cross show so well. Have a nice weekend.
    By the way, I am a tree hugger , too :-)

  6. Les arbres dont sources d'énergie vitale pour beaucoup de croyances , je crois vraiment que l'on doit les respecter! belle composition!

  7. My goodness Hallie! Both of these are just so beautiful! I too am a tree hugger and you've painted these just absolutely exquisitely!!

  8. Thanks Carole. Happy Canada Day--you're have a big celebration with royalty.

    Hi Jane. I have a few watercolor sticks and play with them occasionally--I say "whoops" often. I like working with alkyds.

  9. Thank you, Voyages et Abstraits. I agree that trees are a vital part of the environment; I like hanging out with them.

    Thanks Autumn Leaves. Paintings just can't be "as lovely as a tree." We can try, though.

  10. beautiful! I think I remember the cross on the tree and we had a "discussion" about it. I love how you handled the trees with some suggestion (instead of too much detail). Wonderful!

  11. Hi Celeste. Yes, we had a discussion--that's when I learned that you like cemeteries. Thanks.

  12. Hallie...
    love the new works....
    Have tried to post comments several times but somthing is wrong... I go into a log in loop..
    hope this gets through

  13. Thanks for trying again, JB. I had read about the problem in your response to one of my comments on your blog. I've had a similar problem when I've tried to post comments on a few other blogs--and sometimes the "word" doesn't appear until about the fourth time around. Now I notice that your icon (& link to your blog) didn't show up. I only have a few shares of Google so I don't have much clout.

  14. Hallie- I love the sculptural detail of the tree- like a beautiful woman sharing her gifts. I am always amazed at how you can work with any medium to produce art that is meaningful.
    I also grinned at you working on this piece to "finish at least one thing for the month of June". Had I said that- I'm sure you would have said something about art not being constrained by time. Or perhaps reminded me that art knows no finishing point. Whatever it would be, you would make me feel better and I would realize I was being too hard on myself.
    Your work is stellar, stunning and beyond words.
    I hope you've had a good holiday.

  15. Hi Pamo. I did a lot of lazy drawings in June but that need to make art was replaced with a need to nap. I was happy when I managed to stick with this piece until after midnight; I'm not too happy with the end result--it needs some oomph (and has no story). Ha! You are so right--I give very calming advice. Do as I say, not as I do! Thanks; I always enjoy your comments.

    Hope you had a great holiday, too.

  16. Hallie... I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July. We're all laying around pretty full from those steaks and corn I cooked on the grill and from the potato salad that Laura whipped up. Mmmm...mmmmm...

    I had to smile at your statement about wanting to finish one thing in June. I can understand the feeling. I got a lot done early in June, but kinda' slacked off to where I have nothing to show for the last week-and-a-half of June. And you know that's not like me at all. I'd like to say it has something to do with the family being on vacation from school, but it wouldn't be fair to blame them for my laziness. Maybe it's the heat... Or maybe it's Suzanne Berry's "Dread Mahockiss". Either way, I forced myself back into the studio last night, and if I can get over my food stupor I'll be in there again tonight.

    I remember "Peace" from last year and I love it just as much now I as did then. As for "What a Cedar!" I really like how you've captured the character of this old tree. The way you bring that branch across the top of it makes me feel like I'm trying to peak up its skirt because I want to see more.


  17. Hi Don. I found Suzanne Berry's blog and she's right--June was a ca-ca-ie month. I wondered where you were; for a while, you seemed to be posting new works at least twice a week.

    The branch across the top of the cedar reminded me of a woman carrying something on top of her head. Now that I'm looking at the painting, that could be a child on her back (a tall child). Thanks, Don--you made me look.