Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun with Self Portraits

A very early sketch from my sculpting days--the 70's suburban mother-wife-Fed employee-sculptor with the station wagon.

Looking in the mirror, ca 2001.

Put your chin right there (after an ophthalmologist appointment) 2002.

Pineal Pansies, Bane of Astro-travel, (from a Polaroid shot up my nose) 2003.

Rage--I'm hanging myself but holding a barbed-wire whip, 2004.

Faux Orchid--I sat in front of a mirror for hours (living in an apartment while our house was being renovated--nine months with no digital camera available) 2005.

Eye on the table--a manipulated digital photo with my new toy (a magnifier used to enlarge early TV screens) 2007.

Ideating (a "yield" or "slow" sign appeared on my cheek; I left it) photo from 2007, painted in 2009.

In person I appear normal in my well-worn, paint-spattered denim shirts--boring! The next self portrait? I think I'll be looking at a map of heaven and hell--contemplating future travel. I hope to finish the painting before I make the trip (sometimes it's years between planning a painting and actuallly getting it done).


  1. Great photo Ms. H. Who is that person behind you? =) All joking aside, you look as kind and fun-loving as the words I've gotten to know you through. Thanks for sharing all of these self-portraits. I will admit to being a little bit intimidated by your barb-wire whip. Thank goodness you were hanging out of reach.

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  3. Don, you're spot-on. I was labeled "the Intimidator" two years ago by one of our local town council members. My friends & neighbors still talk about it and are still upset by it. I've considered putting it on my license plate. Small town politics can be exciting.

    "Rage" was painted long before that incident. The whip was a last-minute addition--I realized I had choices. I keep the painting nearby lest I forget.