Thursday, September 3, 2009

Drawing and Discovering

The Holly Springs art exhibit was taken down on Monday and I returned my favorite drawing to its owner--a neighbor who has bought three of my works. Nose to the Lens, white conte on black paper, is sort of a self-portrait; I would not do this to anyone else. I set the camera on the kitchen windowsill, leaned on the counter (my favorite bird-watching stance) and put my nose to the lens--in the sunlight! Every wrinkle is high-lighted and I added some for good measure; the eyes are not quite aligned as they watch, the nose bulbous, the eyebrows extra-long, the hair fly-away. I took many liberties and totally enjoyed doing this.

I also made a discovery. As I looked over my glasses at one of the stray strands of my colorless hair (used to be a redhead) I realized that, in sunlight, each strand contains the whole spectrum. The colors run across the hair--not up and down the strand! Amazing! Why didn't I know that? What happens to all the things I've learned when I die? Is there a giant data base someplace? What other amazing things are right under our noses--if we just take the time to look?
(Why has no one commissioned me to do their portrait?)


  1. It's great to know someone else who never outgrew the wonder of it all. Seeing, learning, and questioning all keep us young at heart.

    I love this drawing. I think it is my favorite of your work I've seen so far.


  2. Thanks, Don. My mother said I was born a 50-year-old. As I've gotten older, I try to worry less and enjoy more.

  3. Hey Ms.Farber, Love your blog and absolutely love your self portrait! I'm following u now

  4. Thanks, Sue. I've been reading your blog-- Diary of a Madd Weekly Painter--for a while. I like the way you play with acrylics, and I'm contemplating making a "thought screen helmet" (I probably should have done it before the abduction).

  5. Great portrait. I love your unflinching honesty. So much character. Maybe most portrait sitters aren't prepared to be painted honestly-- I know I'm not. Flatter me, make me look like a rock star, sure. But like myself??

    I've noticed on my black and white cat that the black hairs sometimes reflect the rainbow, too-- and just the way you describe, across the hair.

  6. Hi R Garriott. I flinched when I saw this, but--matted and framed--I liked it. My husband asked why I would do such a thing. Friends (nice friends) say I don't look so old--maybe I saw slightly into the future. If I painted someone else, I'd have to flatter; self-portraits allow much more freedom.

    Your blogs--on both painting and photography--are informative. Thanks for the observation on cat hair.

  7. Adorei seu trabalho,bastante significativo e expressivo.

  8. Muito obrigado. Eu usei IGoogle para traduzir.