Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nine-foot Snake!

Living near the lake, seeing snakes is not unusual. This sighting is: A nine-foot astrological diamond-back copperhead cottonmouth with golden fangs. The snake is on my back porch.
As I returned from my arrowhead search along the shore he said: "Why are you bringing that stick home?"
I said: "It's not a stick--it's a snake."
He said: "Well, put it away."
That's how things end up in my workshop--the snake has been in the corner for five years.

The golden fangs? I finally found a use for my old gold crowns-- ca. 1970. Copper shavings from my staircase railing (2005) cover his head.


  1. Sometimes this snake chases my yellow wooden ducks.

  2. "He" was just trying to keep you and your duckies safe from the diamond-back copperhead cottonmouth snake. And who can blame him?