Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Goodbye 2011, created in Corel Draw

When I dragged the trash to the curb last night it was cold.  I wore two coats, gloves, and a hat.  Willie always insists on helping and then he insists on a walk.  After the cold walk, I came inside and ordered a long brown down coat.  Then I imagined how I'll look on trash-to-the-curb nights as I played with Corel Draw (that's a plastic bag for poop in the pocket).  Hopefully, hunters will not mistake me for a bear.  I, of course, remember the Seinfeld episode when George wore his huge gore-tex coat.

Labeling the trash can 2011 is today's afterthought and seemed appropriate.

Happy New Year.

I don't make resolutions.
 I hope to play and laugh more in 2012.
What about you?
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  1. Ha ha ha... that's a funny drawing! Growing up, we had a big brown couch. Being clever types, we called it "the big brown". I thought of it when I saw your new coat. You can call it "the brown down". I hope it keeps you as nice and comfy as the couch did us.

    Happy 2012! Yeah... make wishes rather than resolutions and laugh inappropriately willy-nilly 'til they come and take you away. That's my plan, anyway.

  2. LOLLOL--I absolutely LOVE this. It's fabulous! you look a little like an astronaut in space..but then again, you are "grounded" (your feet are are mid-step and that had to be a challenge!) I have never done a graphics drawing like this..I do believe you have a knack for it! I am so happy that I "met" you (I believe in 2011!?) You are one of my favorite artists and (raising glass)...."Here's to more arting around in SOVA in 2012" ("clink"!)

  3. Hi SamArtDog. "The Brown Down"--I don't know when it will arrive. Last year I wore my good coat (a really warm Geiger one) for chores--not smart. I hate shopping for clothes. I expect to be taken away at any time (and probably won't need a coat).

    Thanks Celeste. I think I look a bit like the Michelin Tire Man. I'm trying to learn the perspective tools and fills in Corel--the earlier program came with a huge book which is still on the shelf (I read parts).

    For New Year's I was going to list all the things that ticked me off in 2011; instead, I tucked them into this trash can and; hopefully, dumped them. I think we "met" much earlier--here's to more Celeste Bergin in 2012 ("Clink") Bottom's up!

  4. I see you got new toy too! IIt looks likes you are having fun! I thought you looked pretty bundled up and I thought of George as well. This is as playful as anything you have done. Keep playing. Keep laughing. It's a resolution all of us need.

  5. Hallie it wouldn't be you without some humour...irresistible and funny! Love this creative way of saluting 2011. Wish you play and laughter all the way....Happy New Year!

  6. What a fun treat this is! I was grinning from ear to ear just seeing your fun creation, and then that grin turned into a chuckle as I read what you had to say. Like Celeste I noticed how your legs are in mid-step and find it interesting how you created that effect with such simple shapes. I like your big dipper, too.

    So, was Willie a little gassy? I notice he seems to be floating and since the bag is still in your pocket and not in the trash yet, I know he's not done his business yet.

    As for George's coat, didn't it end up in some tree somehow in that episode? I guess I'll ask my wife, she knows every episode by heart and can quote most of them verbatim.

    Happy New Year, Hallie! Have fun and be safe.


  7. But you shall be oh so warm!! And I don't often make resolutions either, but once in awhile. Mine are to get more active in my art and maybe to use my sewing machine and looms more this year. So many projects, so little energy!

  8. What a delightful painting to end 2011 and loved reading your post. Thanks for the smile.

    Wishing you many, many joyful, smiling days in 2012. :)

  9. Hallie,

    You give a new meaning to bag ladies. You did not see my missing purse in your trash did you.

    Happy New Year, I'm going to Club 58 to celebrate! Care to join in.

    Everette McGill

  10. Hi LifeArtist (Davida). This is actually an old toy; I'm relearning a new version on this *&%ing computer. I'll be following your iPad art--I almost ordered one but decided to wait until after the holidays; I knew I'd get nothing done if I had a new toy. Seinfeld was a great show; I occasionally catch a rerun.

    Jane, Happy New Year. Your flower paintings yesterday were like New Year's fireworks.

  11. Hi Don. The Big Dipper always seems to hang out in my back yard. For the legs I drew rectangles, then used the perspective tool. Willie doesn't like walking on the rocky driveway; he sticks to the grass (or weeds)--he does appear to be floating. (I guess he needs a drop shadow but, then, I'd need one, too--and that would darken the whole picture.)

    I think George lost his coat to the liquor store owner--I remember that he and his coat filled the front seat of the car. Have a great year.

  12. ConservativeBo--you already have umpteen projects. I know your New Year will be filled with art, weaving and sewing.

    Ann Buckner, thank you. I always enjoy following your work and like that you post works in progress. Happy 2012.

  13. Anonymous Everette. If I had my -30 coat, I'd join you. It's going to be cold dancing at Club 58--no walls or roof; just the foundation. I actually have photos of the foundation; I considered painting it and adding ghost-like dancers.

  14. Love that girly figure! We bought some "warm" stuff for Atlanta, and when I got back on a cool day here in Miami, I couldn't even wear my sweater! (To warm still) Aw well. Happy New Year! Look forward to your creative art in 2012!

  15. Hi Dan. I've never needed "warm" stuff before; probably an age thing--time to get out the shawls. I look forward to whatever you try next in 2012!

  16. What a fun drawing! It reminds me of one of the South Park characters... ever see that show? Happy New Year, Hallie. You have a wonderful sense of humor and I am glad it translates in your art.

  17. You are one wild and crazy fashonista doubt about it.

    Happy Coreling and all things creative as you trundle about the new wheel.

    and hugs too.

  18. Thank you Hallie for the chuckle! I bought a down filled coat for our trip up to Prince adds at least 25lbs on to me and makes me sweat like a pig! good bye 2011.....Hello 2012!

  19. Hi Robin. I have seen South Park a couple of times; I think they wore puffy jackets. Happy New Year.

    Donna--you got it. I'm one wild and crazy fashionista--I decided not to include my white socks and sandals in the drawing. You are fun to know!

  20. Hi Carole. I'm sure I'll look just like the EBauer model on the internet--you probably did, too. I'm glad you've finished your rest; now you're ready for 2012.

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