Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'm Still Following You

Today, I realized that my photo ID does not appear on most of my friends' Google Followers Gadgets.  I believe this happened when my blog died for a while last month.  By the time I managed to resuscitate my blog all traces of me had disappeared from my followers' blogs.  Sorry about that--I haven't been able to fix it; I can't sign up as a new follower and I can't get to settings under "blogs I follow" to work on it.  On my dashboard I actually follow 100+ blogs; I read them all but don't leave comments on most.

So just pretend I'm hanging behind you, looking over your shoulder, reading every word as you type--and probably making suggestions.  (I can read upside-down.)

If you get a new follower, it could be old me--I'm still trying.

This photo is one of several I took for a 2009 blog entry, Arting with Gravity--fun with the camera and a tangerine bag.


  1. You look like an upside-down robber! LOL....well, I am always very appreciative of your comments....I didn't know that your follower icon had disappeared.
    I could use you to edit my posts. I know you could help me big time! :)

  2. Yesterday, I bought some more clementines (at this time of year I eat so many of them I must be orange) and then threw the mesh bag out. What was I thinking?! Now I know it's an invaluable art supply. I'd of course put it over my head just like you did, but I would never think of hanging upside down in a million years. Very clever of you, but I'm afraid my face would be permanently imprinted by the mesh. And orange.

  3. I have folloed this blog for a while now but i think this is the first time I've commented. I like the photo*L* It gives me fond memories whatwhat my best friend would do, who, now unfortunantly lives on the other side of the country to attend school. Thanks for bring back a fond memory and causing a smile:)

  4. How very irritating Hallie! My mail haven't been working since last friday, and it really irritates me, but I am glad that you are still there ...even if you are not there!
    And the photo of you upside down is exactly what i would expect from you :-) . Big hug

  5. Celeste, you have many followers--you wouldn't notice. Yesterday I visited a blog with few followers--that's when I noticed my ID was missing. So I checked other blogs; I've disappeared. I didn't want friends to think I've stopped following.

    Hi Rhonda. We all need a dose of crazy.

  6. SamArtDog. You are smart. I've got those little square wrinkles now; I thought they were caused by aging--now I realize it was that danged tangerine bag. What was I thinking! P.S. My dog was self-medicating on front yard grass today.

    Hi Sarah-Anne. Thanks for commenting. We all need to laugh more. My parents were fun; I guess it's genetic.

  7. Hi Jane. It is irritating; I tried everything mentioned on Google Help. Maybe this is blog imitating life--I'm there, but not counted.

  8. hallie, that is one clever photo! You could do a whole series of them using different bags.............

  9. Computers! Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!

  10. Hallie, What a great shot. I just sat and laughed. It was such a relief after a very stressful weekend. Is this how you see the world?

    Those computers can't really be trusted you know. Strange things happen. Sometimes I open my blog and there are no follower icons at all. Eventually they appear.

  11. Hi Carole. Good idea--I'll save the plastic bag for last.

    AutumnLeaves. PCs. I've actually come a long way--at first, I thought the mouse had to be pointed towards the screen!

    Hi Margaret. I'm glad I gave you a laugh. And, yes, strange things do happen--a bit like art.

  12. I remember when you did your other photo with the bag... it was around the first time I was getting to know you. And of course, I couldn't wait to get to know you better!!!
    I'm glad you're still following. Can you imagine the breakdown I'd have if you weren't? My gawd!

  13. Hi Hallie
    Dang ol' technology...that's all that can be said sometimes.

    In your portrait you look 'arresting'.


  14. Hi Pam. How brave you are to want to know someone hanging upside down with a tangerine bag over her head. Arting with Gravity is my favorite blog entry and I printed a copy of that photo for my last art show. Art should be fun.

    Thanks, Donna. I like that adjective--arresting.

  15. Ah there you are. Have you tried a new browser--I've been using Google Chrome and all the sudden a bunch of problems with my blog site cleared up--and everything is running faster. Just a thought.

    Sorry I'm a bit late chiming in, but I'm having some computer issues of my own. I think my RAM is french frying itself. It's OK though, the old dinosaur computer giving up the ghost--now I can get a shiny new one, and in a couple weeks I'll be marching this one out to the curb.

    Best regards.

  16. Hi William. I think my problems can be traced to that one day in March when my husband installed IE9.

    I never had any problem with the old computer! Learning to use this shiny new one has been a hassle. To quote Nora Ephran on Charlie Rose, "My brain is full." There is just not enough room to learn new stuff (ha).

  17. Excellent post Hallie, tu as beaucoup d'humour aussi!
    Merci de passer sur mes de mon blog, j'étais indisponible ces derniers temps pour raison de santé, mais je n'ai pas manqué de lire les posts de mes blogeurs préférés!
    Merci pour tes encouragements pour mon exposition, c'est très sympathique!
    Bonne semaine Hallie