Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Adolescent Pears

Adolescent Pears, pencil on cover stock, 7x7

I bought some Luminance 6901 pencils--they are wonderful on hot-press water color paper.  Of course, I drew this on computer cover stock.  Why?  I was just sketching a scene that's been in my brain for several years,   I imagine fruits and vegetables play around when everyone's in bed.  I worked on this for several nights before falling asleep--and who needs a model for pears or cups?  Obviously, I do.  I thought I had cups that looked like these--I don't.  And try fitting a pear into a cup in this manner.   I got the countertop correct but these subway tiles are waaay too wide.  What the heck; I like it and had fun--I might just paint it.

I was drawing at night because I've been cleaning my house--anticipating the cleaning ladies who are scheduled to show up tomorrow.  First, I found my ironing board--buried under art supplies--and read directions for the steam iron (I skipped HomeEc).  I have washed and ironed seven ivory Pottery Barn linen drape/shades (I would have ordered new ones but they're no longer a Pottery Barn item); the window sills are clean; the top of my stove is clean; the dining room table is almost cleared of catalogs; the outside of the microwave is clean; most of the kitchen backsplash tile is clean; and I washed and ironed six hand-painted pillow covers.  Why do I like off-white and ivory?  Tonight I will tackle the inside of the microwave and clean the hard-to-reach corners of the backsplash.  Thank goodness the cleaning ladies aren't going upstairs--I'd be exhausted.  (The art supplies from atop the ironing board are piled on the floor.)

I'm beginning to think senescence is a lot like adolescence--tomorrow night I go back to playing for two weeks.  Maybe I can play neatly.


  1. I love your drawing! It's FANTASTIC!!! Straight out of the HWFARBER imagination.

    You exemplify the very reason I've never hired help, even though at times, I should have. I could never just let it be either.
    I worked as a maid for one summer. I cleaned both very messy houses and very clean houses. The messy ones were more interesting.

    And you, my dear, are definitely intriguing! Thanks for the great art and the wonderful laugh.

  2. Hi Pam. I guess I just see rear ends when I look at fruit bottoms. Dave just walked by the kitchen and asked what the heck I was doing. (I was on the step stool cleaning out the microwave--the crumbs were falling on my clean stovetop!) I'm sure the cleaners will find my house very interesting.

  3. Hallie...you are all COOL. 100%. Your art is cool, your house (and linens) are cool...and the fact I had to look up "senescence" is cool. I love having friends who use good words! haha, the fruits play at night. Yeah. That is a cool idea to the max.

  4. Forgive me for asking, but did you hire the cleaners to give yourself a reason to clean? Did you leave them anything to do when they get there? I'm just sitting here scratching my head and wondering...

    Your handled those new pencils marvelously. You did a great job getting this image from your brain to the paper. I'm especially amazed at the marble countertop. Outstanding!


  5. What the cleaners will find is a very clean house! Thanks for the laugh. (Tip for cleaning microwave: Place bowl of water inside and set for 5 minutes. Everything will soften up and make cleaning easier.)

  6. ce dessin c'est tout aussi joli aux crayons, j'aime beaucoup !les nuances de couleurs sont très interessantes !
    n'hésitez pas à être menbre de mon blog et merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires!

    This drawing it is also attractive in pencils, I like very much! The nuances of colors are very interessantes!
    Do not hesitate to be menbre of my blog and thank you very much for your comments

  7. Heh heh! Cleaning for the cleaning ladies! Mind you, I suppose I'd do the same thing - I know my mom always did.

    I love the idea of vegetables having fun when everyone's in bed. Colour pencils? Jaw drops. Heavens! I didn't even realize one could DO something so amazing with colour pencils - even the best ones.

    You're an education!

  8. Hi Celeste. Senescence was in a crossword once; I think that's where "senility" came from. I didn't photograph the linen shades--I make wrinkles as I iron (they'll eventually fall out).

    Yes Don; you're right. Some people hire personal trainers; I hire a cleaning ladies. I've tried this before--it makes me neater--and they will have plenty to do. The countertop is actually soapstone--my drawing does look like marble; in my house I don't like shiny things.

    Hi Linda. They will not find a clean house; just clean window sills. Maybe you should blog about housekeeping tips--your place is always neat and clean.

    Hello Cath. I enjoy following your blog. These pencils are really great.

    Hi MM. A friend mentioned that women from the South always clean before the cleaning ladies show up. My mother was uncomfortable with it, too. I tend to attribute human tendencies to everything, including fruits and vegetables.

  9. Your imagination and skills never ceases to wow me! I love your take on the world around you. As for cleaning house ... I'm worn out by your narrative. Although I keep my place "orderly" I've long since lost my desire to do the actual work. Have fun with cards!

  10. Thank you, Kathy. It would be nice if "orderly" were one of my characteristics--it's not. I've always felt housework is a waste of time; my house is the comfortable, pick-a-seat, put-your-feet-up and stay-a-while type.

  11. Your house is already clean. Your drawing is wonderful, colorful, and clean. And I love the ironing board!

  12. Hi Robin. I didn't show photos of the messy parts of the house. Thanks for the drawing comment and I actually used the ironing board when I tried watercolors earlier this year.

  13. Wonderful fruit from the imagination! I love that front one.

    I've never hired a cleaning lady (not that I haven't needed to a time or two!). I'm so persnickety, I'd probably be behind them pointing out all the spots they missed!

  14. Hi Raena. This drawing was lots of fun; I've always thought of apples, peaches and pears mooning. (I may be the adolescent.)