Tuesday, August 4, 2009

End of a Dream

For years I had a recurring dream of climbing and climbing; access to the next level was always blocked--by a locked gate or a door.

This depicts one of those dreams--I am here.....often, oil pastel, 18x12. In this dream, upon reaching the landing, there is no way to open the door without knocking myself off. The "you-are-here" red dot on the stairs represents me. From there the perspective is of looking up at the roof--or looking down at the flowerpots; reaching for the knob left handprints on the door.

I have not had the dream since I finished the painting. I don't think the painting was the cure; I believe that by ignoring non-essentials--everyday housework, gardening (weeds are okay), etc.--art became a priority in my life and doors opened. It took many years to make this choice; now I claim my art time each day. Occasionally, the house gets cleaned and weeds get pulled.

This painting is part of my exhibit at the Holly Springs NC Cultural Center August 3 to 31.


  1. One must have their art time every day... especially if they're going to create nice work like this.

  2. Sometimes, Don, I just play with my crayons and glue--I have lots of neat blocks, too.