Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coral--Trash or Treasure?

There, on the windowsill in the workshop, are the two pieces of coral I found at a thrift shop. I believe Martha Stewart used a piece on a mantel--it was on the cover of one of her books. Should I keep them? I don't have a mantel. They look like veins.....let's look at them in the mirror. Hold the coral over my face; look through the hole--neat, I think; I can't really see with my left eye. Let's set the camera up, take the pictures, download the photos. Oh, I don't like the blue tee shirt I'm wearing.....delete the photos.....remove the shirt. Try it again--use the timer, rotate the coral so I can look through my right eye. Download more photos. I like these but I hate my wrinkled neck and flabby arm. I can fix it--move the photos into Corel photo/paint; smudge the neck and remove the arm but leave the hand........... Four hours later--I like this photo but what should I do with it? Keep the coral? I think it's destined for the donation box.

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